Thursday 19 April 2012

Robbie Penford Baker: Untitled Collage 2, 2012

This untitled collage is clearly a comment on how inadequate the polygonal lasso tool is to create attractive lines, especially when half a side-boob on a pink plane is concerned.
These poorly cut out hands are, if we were able to understand sign language, gesturing repressed sexual things towards each other, but mainly their frustration about how erotica, once it enters the realm of art, cannot be used for masturbatory purposes anymore - well, at least not when it concerns anything else but the ego of the artist.

It is nice to know that the artist owns a copy of photoshop and has some limited skill in using it. However it is regrettable that they have forgot to make clear exactly what event they are promoting. This piece is fine, it just needs some text over the top to indicate where I can go and get drunk and dance.

I have heard that there’s a feature in the new version of Photoshop which will let you post your digital collage directly from Photoshop to Tumblr. It will, however, delete the original straight away, and also destroy the physical space on your harddrive where your collage was stored.
So instead of having the collage end up in a place where noone will look at it (recycle bin), it will be in a place where noone that matters will look at it (tumblr).

As one of Edinburgh’s premier tumblr users I resent the suggestion that I do not matter. Tumblr is the arena in which contemporary art is flourishing, thousands of aspiring young artists doing really good drawings of friends using pencils. Whether you like it or not this is the new face of contemporary art. Down with MoMA! Down with Tate! Down with Saatchi! Long live the bold new face of contemporary art! #art! #drwaing! #pencil! #idk!

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