What is Art Opinion?
Art Opinion is an overly critical, unnecessarily nonacademic, and thoroughly elitist discussion between DJR and JDA about your art.

Can you discuss my work?
Yes. Just send it over to either djreinmueller@gmail.com or jdawinslow@gmail.com
We will try to review every submission, but can't promise that at all.

Who are JDA and DJR anyway?
JDA is J.D.A. Winslow and DJR is Dennis J. Reinmüller, both are artists currently based on the internet, who have met at a cool name acronym convention in 2011.

This illustration should explain it all.
Also check out this jazzy press release for further explanation:


DJR & JDA discuss your art

In 2011 JDA Winslow and Dennis J. Reinmüller ran into each other at a cool acronym convention: JDA, reciting passages from 'Lolita' to himself knowing the reason for going to art school will be hidden within those passages, and DJR, musing about why the latest issue of Peter Parker:Spiderman proves that Joseph Beuys is a proto-fascist, knew their acronyms were too good for not being posted on the internet somewhere.

Luckily for you, JDA & DJR want to take you with them on this journey of internet adventures.

'It made me rethink my love for abstract expressionism!' - Clement Greenberg

On art-opinion.blogspot.com JDA & DJR are discussing your art as if it insulted their mothers. Cutting edge criticism for cutting edge art - this is not only a tattoo DJR and JDA share, but it's also a promise to anyone submitting their art-commodity to them for mean-spirited intellectual dissection.

"Fun is a medical bath. And Art Opinion is by far the funnest." - TW Adorno

DJR & JDA discuss your art

Visit the site now to see how to get involved and bring back a little meaning to your life again. You know religion isn't the answer, so let JDA and DJR tell you why your art isn't either.

"I wish I had as meaningful discussions." - Charles Baudelaire

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