Thursday 5 July 2012

JDA: Glasgow School of Art Degree Show

GSA is short for Glasgow School of Art, similar to the way that JDA is short for my name. There are other similarities between the two institutions. Both of us are cool.

I recently went to the GSA degree show to see its Degrees show. The Dungarees show is a show where GSA tells everyone how cool GSA is by being really cool and having loads of art everywhere. I am also really cool and have art everywhere so I felt immediately at home upon getting to their nice little house. Despite my many emails I failed to contact GSA herself. DJR was also busy so I was forced to walk around the Dang-my-knee show myself.

There was a really fun interactive piece called “Please no photos” where no one could take any photos. Unfortunately the labelling was unclear but I have email Mrs GSA about who did it and hopefully he will be back in touch soon.

There were only three other bits of art but they were all collaborative and really big. This is probably a Good Time to point out that the main porpoise of this blog post is to help people who want to get in to GSA in 2K13 so they can be cool too.

  1. If you are painting for Dr. GSA here are some tips from the painting they have at 2k12
    1. make sure you are not trying too much as trying isn’t cool and it is very important to be cool
    2. messiness is very important to show how visceral you are. Glasgow is very messy and your paintings should reflect this. Make sure you are clear about why you have chosen messiness as a Lifestyle.
    3. Remember to talk about things like Urban Decay. Urban Decay is where cities that were new aren’t new and some people do things like drink that funny strong smelling liquid and sit in alleys and sometimes windows get broken. Urban Decay is V. Cool.
    4. Animals are inherently ironic. If you can draw a fox badly you can probably get in to GSA. I have drawn a picture of a Fox. Unfortunately I am too good at drawing so I am not allowed to talk to Mr GSA
    5. If you are not funny enough to paint animals you could paint some people. If you are going to paint make they are are either naked or famous as these are the two most important types of people.
  2. If you are not painting than here is some tips for doing stuff that is not painting
    1. make sure you are not trying too much as trying isn’t cool and it is very important to be cool
    2. for inspiration go to popular youth shop Urban Outfitters.
    3. It is important to make art that is authentic. Urban Outfitters is the best place to get books that will explain to you about how to be authentic
    4. Make sure you research authenticity properly otherwise no one will buy what you have made and then you will be sad
    5. Mostly authenticity is about nice fonts and exposed brickwork. Letting people see you have used big metal bolts to join things together is good too.
    6. Popular Youth Product headphones is a great way to let people listen to things. Art is about listening as well as looking thanks to Popular Youth Movement.
    7. Primary colours are ironic because they are happy and no one who is cool is happy and everyone at GSA is cool.
  3. If you are a sculptor like what DJR is here is what to do to be at GSA 2K13
    1. I don’t really know how to tell you this but what seems to be cool to do if you are a sculptor is to make big plaster casts of people being naked with lions and things. I don’t know if this was Ironic but the sculptures seemed very retro in their vibe. They had a nice worn authentic feel.

Thank you for your time that is all the Art I have an opinion on for now. I would also like to confess that I went at the end of the week. One of the main things Professor GSA likes a lot is transience. There was still a lot of transience when I went at the end of the week. Presumably however there was a lot more at the start of the week.

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